The Importance of Influencer Marketing

By: Alison Chiu, Marketing and Communications Coordinator

Due to the COVID-19 global pandemic, consumers have slowly moved towards a preference for online commerce. Statistics show that the Gen Z – those between the ages of 16 and 26 – now makes up for 40% of consumers that spend about three hours daily utilizing social media (Kastenholz, 2021). As a result, it shows how digital and online social media platforms have become mainstream for the past year and are a big part of our daily lives. This has also led influencer marketing to make a great impact in the overall social media and marketing strategy for brands. The Influencer Marketing Hub states that the influencer marketing industry will grow to about $13.8 billion this year. It’s expected to continue to grow and reach $15 billion in 2022 (Richel, 2021), which means many more collaborations between brands and influencers will occur in marketing campaigns.

First of all, what is Influencer Marketing? 

It’s when brands collaborate with influencers to promote the brand’s product or service with the goal to increase brand awareness and better target their audience. Influencers have the power to impact their following base’s purchasing decisions, which is why influencer marketing is a great option for brands to consider. Brands are constantly leveraging influencers not limited to only celebrities with a high following count, but also many other types including micro- and nano-influencers, virtual, and gaming influencers. This type of marketing leads to increased brand awareness, increased trust, and increased engagement from the target market.

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Generate Brand Awareness

As the digital market becomes increasingly competitive, brands have found a different way to compete for consumer attention and generate brand awareness. The production of creative, engaging, and entertaining content greatly helps to reach the brand’s target market. With a memorable and effective marketing campaign, it will help to easily grab their consumers attention. This is where influencer marketing becomes a great part of a marketing strategy as it overcomes the challenges of traditional advertising. Through popular social media platforms like TikTok and Instagram, it has become one of the main sources of advertising to consumers as they can choose which influencer they want to listen to and trust. When an influencer advertises and promotes a brand to their followers, it helps increase brand awareness as their followers learn about the brand through their trusted source. Through their trust with the influencer they follow, it helps to increase brand awareness as consumers will remember the brand and potentially buy something from them in the near future.

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Increased Trust

When an influencer promotes and advertises your brand to their followers, this greatly helps their following base develop trust in your brand. This results in increased trust and credibility, which is crucial as brands with increased credibility tend to develop better relationships with their customers. The challenges posed by COVID-19 have brought many people, including influencers to move on from the days of a maintained social media feed and nice photos. As influencers continue to share their more authentic moments and photos through social media, this helps to establish the trust of their followers. People tend to follow certain influencers that they feel like they can relate to, which is why authenticity is important. This helps increase brand awareness the influencer can easily encourage their followers to remember the brand they are advertising for. For instance, when an influencer provides their honest opinion and feedback on the brand’s products, their followers will very likely have more trust in the brand. As a result, it will also help increase the brand’s engagement as the influencer’s followers will likely visit the brand’s social media platforms and engage with their posts.

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Increased Engagement

Depending on the type of content that the influencers post, it helps to increase the interaction and engagement between the influencer and their following base. Those followers are very likely to visit your brand’s social media accounts and engage with your brand as well. For instance, if your brand were to have a giveaway and have the influencer advertise it, this type of engagement and content will help your brand not only gain interaction, but can later result in greater recognition and revenue. Also, giving the influencer a discount code to advertise to their followers will also help increase brand awareness, engagement, and generated revenue.

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As social media continues to become one of the main ways to connect with customers, there are many methods to promote your brand online. Out of numerous ways, influencer marketing is a critical component of a brand’s marketing campaign and strategy. Through their strong influence over their following base, they can conveniently and effectively deliver the message to help them better understand your brand. Overall, the influencer marketing industry will continue to grow and evolve over the years to better send the message across to potential consumers.  

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