27 Days On The Road With Jam Van

By Robert Laughlin, Account Director

On November 1st, 2017, I began my JAM VAN journey.  It was a decision that was not taken lightly, however 27 days in, I have come to realize that joining the JAM VAN team was the best decision I ever made in my career thus far.

After meeting with the ownership and the various partners over two months prior to my appointment, I was given the opportunity to take the reigns as the Account Director.

Leading up to the first day of this new opportunity, I was apprehensive, asking myself:

“What is the team going to be like with me coming in as the incumbent? Do I have a strong team in place or will I have to be the bad guy? Am I going to be able to make the changes I need to make? Will I be able to make a real difference and help grow not only the company, but the careers of all of my co-workers?” And most of all, “did I make the right decision to take this new job?”.  These I’m sure are questions anyone moving into a senior management role with ask themselves, and I have found the “writing is on the wall” within the first 30 days.

To my delight, after my first 27 days, I asked myself the most important question again, “did I make the right decision taking this new job?”, and the answer was a without hesitation, “yes”.

The account team that works with our clients to manage their project and campaigns are bar none. To my delight they all have an intimate knowledge of experiential marketing in their various roles and responsibilities. They continually impress me with their creative solutions and thinking. As I worked with them on a daily basis, side by side, the biggest surprise to me is that I found myself learning as much from them as they are learning from me. This is a sign of a truly strong and cohesive team.

My colleagues welcomed me with such enthusiasm and have surprised me with their continual growth and progress.

Our operations team has been just as inspiring. Their technical knowledge of the JAM VAN, and also production in general, has made me so confident in our team’s ability to not only execute programs for our clients, but also produce at all scales required. Having national coverage including Vancouver, Calgary, Montreal, and Toronto, the team is able to execute seamlessly in any given market, 365 days a year. The coverage also allows for not only the ability to execute in any given market, but to do so consistently. For any experiential marketing campaign, with or without the JAM VAN, our operations teams are experts within the industry.

I am so happy with my decision to join the JAM VAN family and could not be more excited to see the work that our team will be doing for all of our many current and new clients in the future.

If you want to chat more about the work we do at Jam Van, how we can help you with your next campaign, or even just to say, “Hi”, contact us at info@jamvan.com


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